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Susan Copich: Staged Stories

May 4, 2023 — July 15, 2023

Ohio-raised and New York-based photographer Susan Copich has since 2010 been making highly staged and
carefully crafted self-portraits that reflect on the dark sides of contemporary American femininity, domesticity,
motherhood, and the artist’s inner psychological dramas in ways that that are both alarming and amusing, over-the-top and relatable. This exhibition brings together the series Domestic Bliss and then he forgot my name alongside a short film titled The Cupcake.

As Copich herself says about these works, “I dwell in the dark thoughts and recesses of my mind to create
character and subject and navigate both my own personal imperatives as woman, artist, mother, and wife, as
well as those—personal, social, and cultural—that are imposed by others. My work is my commentary on how a
family can live a public life that is far from their private life, even within the family; how secrets are kept, coddled
and nurtured.”

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