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On Vacation! From the Permanent Collection

May 20, 2021 — July 31, 2021

We all need to get away sometimes—to take a vacation from the ordinary. What can transport our imaginations better than art?! A visit to a gallery helps our thoughts wander, encourages reflection on life’s journeys, and takes us places where we may not be able to go otherwise. In the summer of 2021, the Ulrich will present On Vacation! to celebrate a visit to an art museum as a summer getaway. Drawn from the Museum’s permanent collection, the show features seven series of prints depicting places and events that present an array of possible vacation activities. Discover the Big City as seen by George Grosz. Visit the circus as experienced by Alexander Calder. Take a trip to a different planet as imagined by Roberto Matta. And relish the charm of small-town America in John Baeder’s images of 1970s diners. On Vacation! will be the perfect way to get away from it all while still getting to sleep in the comfort of your own bed. Each portfolio will also be accompanied by a music playlist to help transport visitors through both the sights and sounds in the gallery. A particular highlight of the exhibition will be the video of Le Grand Cirque Calder 1927—a filmed performance of Alexander Calder’s delightful miniature circus which captures the artist’s lifelong love of the magic and wonder of the Big Top. Artists featured in the exhibition are Karel Appel, John Baeder, Alexander Calder, George Grosz, Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid, Roberto Matta, and Harry Sternberg. The exhibition is generously supported by Lee and Ron Starkel, the Reuben Saunders Gallery, and the Ulrich Museum Alliance.

Spotify Playlists. Click on the following links to access Spotify Playlists created to enhance your On Vacation! viewing experience:

Karel Appel

John Baeder

Alexander Calder

George Grosz

Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid

Roberto Matta

Harry Sternberg

Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm 
Closed Sundays, University & Major Holidays | Free Admission | 316.978.3664
1845 Fairmount; Wichita, KS 67260-0046