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A wooden cutting board

Art Is a Superpower!

May 20, 2021 — July 31, 2021

When James Porter, Exhibition Designer and Production Manager, was asked to curate this exhibition —a selection of new accessions over the past five years—he knew instantly what he wanted to include. At the same time, he knew exactly how the work would be installed. “As a working artist and preparator, I am not a wordsmith. My language is in imagery, and visuals speak volumes. In selecting these works, my first approach was from a design standpoint. I wanted pieces that played well together and filled the gallery space with enough weight to fill the viewer’s senses, yet light enough to allow the viewers the freedom to see the works. I did not give much thought to the individual narrative of each piece. What I do know is that in selecting any group of works, a conversation will inevitably weave its way through the gallery like a great storyteller. It’s our nature to make sense of what we see, to find some connection. Quite possibly, it may have subconsciously impacted why I chose these pieces for this show. This exhibition speaks to the complexity of identity, human rights, democracy, and patriotism, as we stand in the midst of a global pandemic. Art is a reminder of our past, a reflection of our present, and a nudge to our possible future. Art is a Superpower.”


Banner: Gallery shot of Tom Otterness' 11 wood sculptures related to the Überfrau public sculpture project (Münster), 1992

Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm 
Closed Sundays, University & Major Holidays | Free Admission | 316.978.3664
1845 Fairmount; Wichita, KS 67260-0046