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Solving for X: 9

I remember the memories and 50 years and counting of family life built and shared there. I remember playing under my mom's quilt frame, as she hand quilted. I remember the summer rain storms. I remember sitting with her and her friends for "Quilting Bee" and yearly Pascha celebrations, sharing their lives and crafts. I remember her teaching me to knit, sew, use power tools, do math, problem solve, cook and so many other countless lessons, and I remember most of all being loved and welcomed. 

I remember my grandmother loved to serve us a breakfast of bacon, grapefruit, eggs and toast. On occasion she would send my grandfather out for donuts, and say "not the sugary ones." We would always play in the doll house her father made her in the 20's, and I remember the stories and photos she would share of what life was like being a teenager during World War 2. I remember the smells, the textures, and the feelings of warmth, comfort, and a slower-paced life. 

Solving for X: 9

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