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Solving for X: 7

My parents' home in Maine still feels like my home. It always felt too small and too loud for the five of us, but it had a huge yard surrounded by woods. We never wore shoes in the summer. In the winter, we spent all day outside building forts and sledding until we couldn't feel our fingers. They had to sell it a few years back to have any hope of being able to eventually retire. My beloved 19 year old cat is buried out back. I often wonder if his marker and garden has been left alone. 

My memere and pepere's house in NH is large, though not for a family of nine. They have been married for 72 years and still live there. My pepere built the house with the help of relatives. It sits on a huge hill and further up, behind the house, was a garden that kept the family fed for many years. In the summer, we used to climb it to pick buckets of raspberries. In the winter, it was the ultimate sledding hill, though you had to jump off before the bottom, as you'd land in a busy street. 

Solving for X: 7

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