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Solving for X: 25

My mother lived in several different homes over the years, but her home is always warm, lit with handles and full of sweets. She decorates with fake flowers and glass birds as well as old plates that belonged to my grandmother. 

My grandmother's home is unforgettable. It smelled like my grandpa's swisher sweets and fried chicken. There were cokes in glass bottles, an old rotary phone, a police scanner and 8track player in the corner by the gas stove. That stove made a hissing sound and then a "poof" when it lit up. When I would spend the nights there, I would sleep on the brown couch or on a fold-out cot with orange and blue stripes. An old horse lamp sat up on a shelf in the living room that served as a night-light. 

Solving for X: 25

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