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Solving for X: 23

I remember my mother's home as clean in the places people would look, with the mess hidden behind closed doors or in parts of the house she would avoid showing visitors. I remember how hard she tried to make in beautiful with what little she had; new paint for the living room, a few tulips planted by the porch, framed artwork from the thrift store, a few candles here and there. She was the only one in the household that cared to make our home nice, so her burden was heavy.

My grandmother's home was the ideal one from the storybooks. A long winding private drive through beautiful scenery led to a beautiful cottage-style house with a perfectly manicured landscape around it. There were always freshly baked goods waiting and every meal was home cooked with a southern influence. The linens were always fresh and there was never a mess or clutter to be found. It was warm and bright and in appearance and in the way it made you feel.

Solving for X: 23

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