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Solving for X: 2

Home is definitely wherever the mom is. My mother's family moved frequently during her childhood. I don't have a lot of memories of my mother's childhood home but I do have many memories of many family farms. I remember the farms being full of family and life, hard work, and surrounded by the simple beauty of the plains. 

Grandma grew-up in a large farm family, 1 of 17 children. I remember her home as a place filled with love and yummy home cooked meals. The cookie jar was always full and everyone was welcome. I remember her home filled with family, friends, and all of the neighborhood children. You'd often find her on the phone, with the cord stretched across the living room, as she caught up with her sisters. Despite the busy and sometimes loud home, there was still a feeling of peace and endless love. 

Solving for X: 2

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