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Solving for X: 17

I remember cans of green beans and Cool-Aid, and hot dogs, and the rare treat of frozen dinners...The home I grew up in was messy and cluttered most of the time but cleaner and more full of food than the house my mother grew up in. She would clean the trailer regularly, but we couldn't afford the best things, so we had lots of things, none of which fit. In contrast to the home where she grew up, the home she created for us was filled with encouragement. She thought her sons could do anything. 

My grandmother sold Shaklee for maybe 30 years? It was kind of like Amway, but mostly vitamins. So one room in Grandma's house was the Shaklee room. It attached to the garage. The house was clean, and there were always dishes with candy or nuts. The TV was always on. She had a color tv and then a remote controlled tv before we did. The beds had homemade quilts. She had a set of dishes she never used. 

Solving for X: 17

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