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Solving for X: 15

I remember when I was younger that on Saturday you woke up and cleaned the house. I remember the mixed smell of bleach, Pine-Sol, and Pledge. There were also the sounds of Teddy Pendergrass. "Looks like another love TKO" As we got older we would spend time together in separate rooms. I'd be in the living room, and she would be in her bedroom. We'd watch the same show and laugh. I remember laughter. She's been gone for two years. I still feel somewhat unanchored. She was my constant. 

I remember the thick fog of smoke. It was where we would gather on holidays, and everyone smoked. Grandma was bedridden, so sometimes she would come out and other times she wouldn't but the family was buzz in and out of her room like bees. Laughing, smoking, fighting, smoking. Family and smoke. 

Solving for X: 15

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