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A book shelf filled with different colors

Solving for X: 13

My mother's home is cozy, vibrant, and electric. The scent of delicious different cuisines fill the kitchen. Comfort and warmth throughout the entire house. Laughter and lively conversation excites the soul. Stories of my hardworking and resilient parents gave inspiration and strength. The feeling of belonging and unconditional love wrapped in a colorful warm blanket. 

My grandmother's home is neat, simple, and a breath of fresh air. She is dedicated, strong, full of love and compassion. Delectable dishes of biriyani, samosas, flatbreads, vegetables, and curries in the air. An abundance of unique fruits and desserts flow in rooms. Captivating clothing of elegant colorful sarees and salwar kameezes gracefully glide by the house. Never a dull day goes by. 

Solving for X: 13

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