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Salon Circle

Join the Ulrich Museum’s Salon Circle

Salon Circle members are curious and passionate about ideas. They are deeply engaged in the life of this institution and bring to it vitality, inspiration and fun. Through philanthropic contributions they provide essential support for programs, community outreach, and student engagement. They allow us to dream big and remain a free community resource open to everyone. Today’s art does matter and so do you. Thanks so much to our current salon members for your loyalty, dedication and support. We look forward to new members seeking shared in-person experiences that connect us to expanding our understanding of the world we live in and beyond.

Art Affairs

Over the course of a year, Art Affairs will present an exciting itinerary of cities and their global art events. We have gathered an impressive group of art world insiders, including curators, artists, organizers, consultants, and directors. They will offer a range of visionary perspectives while illuminating how biennials, triennials, and art fairs transform the art world and its audiences. We hope you will join us as we begin in New Orleans and move on to Kansas City, Istanbul, New York, Miami, Chicago, Venice, and more! 

Speakers include: Dan Cameron, October 7; Lela Hersh, November 11; Tony Karman, February 3, 2022; Brooke Kamin Rapaport, March 3; and Rina Banerjee, April 21. For more information on speakers and times please see the events listed below or read the Salon brochure. 

We are thrilled to be back to in-person events and look forward to seeing all of you at Botanica’s Khicha Family Carousel Pavilion for the Salon Kick-off on September 26th from 5 - 7 P.M. 

Membership: NEW! 

Membership in the Salon Circle is social, supportive, and sustaining. Belonging is an investment in experiences that are shared and transformational. We look forward to hearing from our current members and hope to have new members joining us. 

Salon Duo | $1,000 Salon Single | $750 

Introducing our new “40 and Under” membership level. We welcome your energy, curiosity, and ideas! 

Art Influencers Duo | $450 Art Influencers Single | $250 

All Salon Memberships include: 

The Salon Kick-off and five fascinating in-person presentations preceded by a cocktail reception. 

Two dinners will be offered this season on November 11, and March 3rd for $35 per person. Dinners will be served promptly at 7:30 P.M. in the Grafly Gallery on the first floor. Participation will be limited with a maximum of 50 attendees. Members are required to make a reservation and are encouraged to do so early. 

Salon membership is $750 for a single and $1000 for a duo. Salon membership includes five presentations, and our Season Finale at Botanica's Khicha Family Carousel. Our 2021 spring presentations will begin with a reception, followed by a lecture, and a self-hosted dinner at the Ulrich.

Please join us! For more information about Salon Circle, contact, Executive and Creative Director. You can also join online at WSU Foundation (be sure to go to choose your designation and select Ulrich Salon Circle Fund in the drop-down menu). Thank you for your support!

Click on the image below to see the upcoming Salon Circle season!

Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm 
Closed Sundays, University & Major Holidays | Free Admission | 316.978.3664
1845 Fairmount; Wichita, KS 67260-0046