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Solving for X: 5

My parents still live in the house I grew up in. Growing up, the house seemed large but I now know it was a small bungalow divided into many small rooms so that each of the four children could have their own space. The common spaces were painted in colors like white, navy, light orange, and light green. We had dark green leather couches and mismatched furniture. We had a large backyard, a pool, and a vegetable garden my mother planted. 

My grandmother passed away last year due to complications following Alzheimer's. She was a modern woman and she didn't like to look at the past, only ahead. So her home - an apartment in Montreal - was minimalist before it was cool. Her favorite colors were always light pink and mint and they are now mine too. I also remember her being into glass: she owned a glass table, large windows, and a glass elephant I now have in my own home in memory of her. 

Solving for X: 5

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