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Solving for X: 27

My mother Alice Cox lived at this home in Haysville, Kansas, from 1967-2015. Six generations of family members visited the home, including her father visiting in the 1970's and her 2nd great-grandchild visiting in the 2010's. She was a woman of faith who welcomed all just as they were, good or ill. Her children and other descendants gathered at this house every Christmas Eve to spend time with her and each other. All of her living relatives and descendants associate her with this home. 

My grandmother lived her adult years in Charleston, Illinois. She was a native of eastern Kentucky, and her family moved to Illinois when she was a child. Although she passed-away at the young age of 64, her living descendants recall her warm personality and the loving ways she taught us right from wrong and remember gathering at her home to spend time with each other as members of her family.

Solving for X: 27

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