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Solving for X: 22

The house was not very old because it was built in the 1970s when my grandfather moved from another ancestral house nearby. It probably had some 5 rooms and a large patio or verandah as it was called. Almost every room had an entrance/exit door to the outside. The kitchen had a window with a well outside to draw water from. The stove, till about 2000s, was made of mud with various types of wood and leaves used to cook by creating a fire underneath vessels. The restrooms were all detached and we had to walk about 50 ft away to get there. A lake nearby was also usually the place to take a bath. The house also doubled as a place of business; my grandfather was a venom specialist and used to treat patients with various types of snake bites. The place was down to have a lot of snakes and folklore was rife with stories about Snakes and Mongooses. The place had the nickname "The Land of the Mongoose".

Almost have zero recollection of this as we used to visit my Mother’s place only once in 1-2 years, that too for a week or two, and there was not enough time to visit my grandmother’s place, especially also because she had passed away by the time I was about 10. From what I have heard, her place, like most in the area were entirely made of wood. They had many rooms with wooden entryways and even a high step to put a leg over, and one often had to bend to go in through doorways. Most houses had a central area which was open to the sky and rain water would fall through and then drain away. Restrooms were detached and baths were taken at ponds on people’s properties. Being a tropical place, rain was plenty.

Solving for X: 22

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