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My mother’s home was warm, comfortable and full of love. She played the piano for church, for the high school choirs and for enjoyment. She taught me to play too. Her home was always full of music. She had pet birds that would sing along to the piano music. She could often be seen in the mornings at the kitchen table reading her bible. She liked to make pie for my father and would make “pinwheels” from the leftover dough. My mother is a strong woman and one of my best friends. 

My grandmother's home was full of creativity and fun. From as far back as I can remember and until middle school I spent the night every Friday night in my grandmother’s home. After my grandfather died when I was 8, she redecorated the orange and brown home to pink and blue. She was a poet and I spent many evenings listening to her read the poetry she wrote. My grandmother’s home had beautiful flower gardens and we had many picnics in the backyard. 

Solving for X: 6

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