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Collection Study Center Campaign

University art museums are uniquely positioned to encourage the diverse student bodies they serve to develop open and creative ways of thinking about all aspects of contemporary life, be it art, science, technology, history, or the pressing cultural and social issues of our time. The Collection Study Center and Student Lounge at the Ulrich Museum of Art will place this expansive approach to education and social life at the forefront—both literally and figuratively—of what the Ulrich Museum can and will do for the WSU campus and community.

In February, we launched the Ulrich online Collection Portal, offering unprecedented digital access to the Museum’s more than 6,000 art objects. To build on this accomplishment and maximize its impact, we are proposing to transform the Museum’s conference room and lobby area into a Collection Study Center and Student Lounge. The study center will be the first space visitors encounter when they enter the museum, offering students and community members direct and easy access to original works of art from the Museum’s collection. The budget for the project is $250,000 for demolition, renovation, and furnishings and naming opportunities are available. We would love to talk with you about the value of this project, which will help the Ulrich remain a visionary leader among America’s university art museums and offer the best teaching and learning opportunities it can to our community.

Please contact Leslie Brothers, Director at 316.978.3017 or Ann Marie Siegwarth, Director of Development for the College of Fine Arts & the Ulrich Museum of Art, WSU Foundation at 917.843.5747 for more information on this very important campaign. To make a contribution to the Campaign please visit WSU Foundation (be sure to go to choose your designation and select Ulrich Collection Study Center in the drop-down menu). Thank you for your support!

View a slideshow of the plans for the Ulrich Collection Study Center:

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